Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Depression Exorcism

Depression Exorcism is from Intervale, New Hampshire. They recorded this album, which is also called Depression Exorcism, under a waterfall that is located directly on the border between the U.S. and Canada. All sounds on the recording were sourced from an 8-track copy of "Voice of the Turtle", which had been previously left out in the rain during one of the band's extended, ritualistic performances.
The pieces on the album are based on a programmatic song cycle, which follows the progress of the Earth as it cools, then forms into megacontinents.
At the center of the album is a ritual, recorded in real time, entitled: "Regeneration". Stones, wood, iron, and water were all used, along with the human voice, to invoke water-logged and cthonic elder forces alike.
Depression Exorcism have released this press statement: Depression Exorcism is love.
We strive to communicate the big stories- epic scope has always been our perspective. Living as we do in a liminal space on the border, we find that the possibilities blend as categories strain and crack....

Track Listing:
1.)Acceleration and the Veil of Maya Descends Again
2.)Tectonic Plate Separation Apotheosis
4.)Tectonic Plate Separation Hairline Stress Fractures
5.)Tectonic Plate Separation Pangaea
6.)Tectonic Plate Separation Gondwanaland

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