Monday, August 4, 2008

Depression Exorcism Thinks About Classical Music

This is a recent ritual, captured by the members of Depression Exorcism. The London Philharmonia put up an extensive library of orchestral samples, and this discovery led to a group discussion of the role of "classical" or "concert" music in contemporary society. Depression Exorcism is attracted to the idea of composition, and the timbres of orchestral music, but lacks the resources to employ the rather expensive services of classically trained musicians, to be brought in from outside the community. In addition, as they are very secretive and will not record outside of Intervale, the discovery of compositional materials provided by the London Philharmonia was a gift straight from Calliope. This music was manifested on a rainy night in August, with the members of Depression Exorcism seated in a half-moon formation, and clad in purple velvet tuxedos, with the exception of the conductor, who was ceremonially sky-clad, and who conducted with a wand formed from a branch of the Mighty Maple.

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