Saturday, September 20, 2008

Terrestrial/Celestial, or Black Metal in Space

Some new Coreopsis/Depression Exorcism recordings. The tracks go together to form an ahem.... concept album of sorts, with the first half examining the effects of climate change on the globe- if the effects of global warming reverse because of extreme weather, resulting in endless freezing rain, which will devastate agriculture and make Earth a generally miserable place to live. The second half celebrates science and the frontier of the near future- space and interstellar travel, which could spell out a signpost for where humanity could go. The black metal piece is mostly atmospheric, but is pro-human, along with being pro-Gaia, and celebratory of the Old Religion, and the psychedelic space-rock harkens back to the heady days of the 1970's when a combination of eco-pessimism and stardust dreams led Dick, LeGuin, Heinlein, Moorcock, etc. to look to the skies and consider.
Entering The Ruined Cathedral (Intro)
In Endless Frozen Rain
Interlude 1
Necrophagious Tales Told Beneath A Frostbitten Winter Moon
In Endless Rain
Exiting The Ruined Cathedral (Outro)
Asteroid Dust
Off World Colony In Shadow of Arcturus

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