Saturday, April 11, 2009

Experimental Chrome Durutti Column Guitar Stuff

So, my main accomplishment this week has been to organize all of my Nurse With Wound list (Google Audion NWW list for more info.) into a MediaMonkey playlist. Aside from that, I recorded some stuff.

The Distance That Starlight Has To Travel
(flanged-out Helios Creed/Hawkwind/Pollen homage)

(Velvet Cacoon style experimental black metal with harmonica poached from one of my earlier recordings)

Rammed Earthen Walls
(reverbed nylon string guitar-very Durutti Column influenced, with some Derek Bailey thrown in for good measure)

Magma Flow
(I took some botched Zeuhl that I had recorded, manipulated it, and ended up with something vaguely AMM/MEV, which ain't necessarily a bad thing)

Improvisation Translation (Rose Hips)
(Bailey-Frith geetar)

Into the Woods, Within an Obsidian Swarm
(Atmospheric Noise/Doom)

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