Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Psych-Amb-Noise!

I was reading an article on Erik Davis' blog Techgnosis (check the blogroll for link), and he wrote at length about how modern air travel is a transitional experience similar to the Tibetan Book of the Dead "Bardo" experience. I find that my summer vacation (I'm a middle school teacher) is a similar interzone of experience. Time slows to a gelatinous crawl, and everything seems slightly unreal in the heat and humidity. The dog and I spend hours together in mutual mind-meld, contemplating the dragonflies hovering above the fifteen-foot sunflowers in the garden. I spend way too much time on the interweb, and record a lot.

Here are some Coreopsis-bits, snatched from the ether:

Summer Vacation As Bardo
Megalithic Echo Chamber

The Third Wave in The Set is Always The Biggest
Inter dimensional Travel

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alx said...

'summer vaction' sounds pretty cool - nice work!