Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's the Story Behind the House?

The picture of the house on the header of this blog is the Coreopsis House. It was built in 1850, and in many ways, is unique. Most houses of the time in this part of New Hampshire were post and beam, and this house has a balloon frame. It also has no fireplaces, and was heated by a central coal furnace, which was a major technological innovation for the time. It was tiny in comparison to the mill owners' homes and row houses that make up the rest of the town, and at some point was moved from the center of Farmington to its present location, which in the 1880's was right on the railroad tracks which connected Boston to Lake Winnepausaukee, a major vacation destination at the time. The house has a welcoming feel, but there is also a deep atmosphere present within, and it is easy to completely lose track of time and of the world outside when you are inside. There is also a sense of incredible space, in spite of the fact that the interior is less than 900 square feet, including the kitchen and screen porch, which were early 20th century additions. I will post some more recent photos, which include the amazing decorative plantings designed and installed by Mrs. Coreopsis.

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